Gatherings | Talk: Back to Basic Series - What is Design?

1 hour
10 March, Sun, 5.30pm - 7pm

Venue: Chin Kang Huay Kuan

It is a craft. A methodology. An end product. A solution. Design is all these and more, but why does it matter? The Design Society goes back to basics with experts from branding, graphic design, and architecture. Come hear Larry Peh from &Larry; Ong Ker-shing from Lekker Architects; and Izyanti Asa'ari and Iffah Dahiyah from Fellow discuss how design not only adds value to businesses, but ultimately betters our everyday lives.

To note: Limited to 70 pax per session.


About the Speakers

• Larry Peh of &Larry
Founded in 2005, &Larry is a branding and design consultancy whose practice is deeply rooted in creating empathetic connections between people. Over the years, &Larry has developed a high regard for the intuitive use of data, research and technology in support of creativity without being beholden to them.

Collaboration is a key tenet, as evidenced by the studio’s practice of putting the name of the partners and clients before its own. &Larry embraces multi-disciplinary partnerships as way to learn and grow beyond existing capabilities and frameworks.

The studio’s ultimate goal is to perfect the balance between art and commerce, knowledge and instinct, technology and craft, by continuously evolving to adapt to the human condition and economic sensibilities, and creating solutions that thread through the changing patterns of daily life.

• Izyanti Asa'asi & Iffah Dahiyah of Fellow
Fellow is a design studio that approaches brand development, exhibition and UX design with keen curiousity. The studio takes a broad lens at the world to understand the instincts, impulses and needs of people, channeling those insights to create modes of communication that are resonant and unexpected.

• Ong Ker-Shing of Lekker Architects
Shing spent much of her childhood in Singapore and the UK. For university, she left for Harvard, and completed three degrees: a B.A. in Fine Arts, as well as Masters in Architecture and Landscape Architecture (the latter two with distinction).

Shing relocated to Shanghai as a Wheelwright Fellow in 2002 to research the Art Deco housing of the French Concession. Excited by small-scale innovations occurring in socialized interiors, she documented residents’ living spaces and personal histories. She worked with Josh to produce a catalogue of photographs, drawings, and interviews. Shing founded Lekker Design in 2002, and Lekker Architects in 2015.

About The Design Society

The Design Society is dedicated to the goal of raising the general standard of design in Singapore. We focus on Applied Graphic Design and its contributions to Singapore visual culture and society. We hope to connect with and inspire local designers and engage the public through greater understanding and appreciation for good design.
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Sun Mar 10, 2019
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM SGT
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